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Do you and your organization want to collaborate to acknowledge the country's university students and give them a jump-start in their careers?

Why you should be a partner on Specialefestivalen

As a partner of Specialefestivalen, you contribute to the recognition of the research of Danish university students.

You also have the opportunity to gain a unique insight into the sharpest graduates and their latest knowledge.

Become part of a movement that cultivates self-confidence among newly educated professionals and creatives - and where Theses is lifted from an academic contribution to a potential force to catalyse the change in society.


Specialefestivalen creates a more thriving, interdisciplinary and institutional university environment in an educational Denmark.

Every year, students at the country's eight universities cultivate their field of interest and contribute to the development of new, valuable and socially relevant knowledge and imagination. The theses are one big knowledge base with the potential to benefit society democratically, economically, scientifically, culturally and socially.

As a partner, you have the opportunity to become part of a unique platform where you have the opportunity to engage in direct dialog with graduates, as well as be senders of new knowledge.

In 2021, we were partners with Aarhus University, DM, Djøf and Akademikernes A-kasse.

Want to know more?

We are always looking for new partnerships that can strengthen the festival's purpose.

Call and have a non-binding chat with our partnership manager, Markus Hansen on 42901747, or send us an inquiry via the form below.

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