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Job offer: Project Coordinator for Partnerships at Specialefestivalen 2022

Do you want to spearhead the development of new partnerships on Specialefestivalen?


Do you want to help develop a knowledge festival that bridges the gap between disciplines and society?

As a project officer at Specialefestivalen , you will assist the project manager and the steering group in the development of a financially sustainable festival that involves the business community, civil society and universities in recognizing the individual thesis student and ensuring a good transition from student life to working life.


At the old police station in the middle of Frederiksberg, the Youth Bureau and Station invite universities, researchers, business people, artists, students, citizens and the new generation of graduates to a two-day festival that focuses on the latest research, the transition to the labor market and the university thesis.

The focal point of the festival is those whose passion and enthusiasm for the latest knowledge and research is so great that it deserves a special place and an opportunity to realize the potential of their specialties.

Specialefestivalen offers an immersive space to delve into the many Theses that graduate from the country's university programs each year and a unique opportunity for graduates to take the stage and give their knowledge an audience.

Specialefestivalen are thesis presentations, talks and debates and workshops with the latest generation of university graduates from all the country's universities, researchers, politicians and social commentators.

YOUR JOB DUTIES will involve:

- Sales and partnership with commercial partners

- Local anchoring and afterlife between festivals

- Coordinating, conceptualizing and planning workshops during the festival that advise, challenge and question the thesis and the transition to working life

- Collaboration and university involvement

- Communication to university students (including both domestic and international)

- Involving Station's rapidly growing membership base in the festival

- Partnerships and conceptualization of atmosphere


You will work closely with highly engaged, curious and young people who are all eager to make a difference both for students and society at large. That's why you thrive in a small organization with constant change and development.

We imagine you:

- Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work at the interface between two organizations

- Outgoing and good at selling ideas to potential partners

- Have good coordination skills and the ability to create an overview between multiple stakeholders

- Is proactive and not afraid to reach out to new people and organizations

- Experience involving students, industry and possibly universities

It is not a prerequisite that you have an academic background, but knowledge of university governance and processes is an advantage.We encourage all qualified candidates to apply for the position - regardless of ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion or age.


Application, CV, references and other documents must be sent to Organizational Director, Mikkel Nielsen, through The Hub.
Link to application portal:
Deadline for application is April 18. Interviews will be held immediately after the deadline.

Your employment will be at Station, but you will also work closely with Ungdomsbureauet, which is an equal partner in the project. The position is a project employment from May 1, 2022 to April 30, 2023 with the possibility of extension thereafter.
Working hours are generally 37 hours a week, and you will be part of the team at Station. During shutdowns, evening and weekend work may occur.

For more information or questions please contact us at or phone number 42909557

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