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Join Specialefestivalen 2023 as we explore academia Theses and inspire a better future

Be inspired by exciting academic perspectives and help solve society's complex challenges.


At Station, we believe that the exchange of ideas, perspectives and mindsets is a fundamental prerequisite for creating new solutions to society's complex challenges. Fortunately, we are not alone in this belief, which is why we have teamed up with Ungdomsbureauet and RØST to organize the most important knowledge festival of the year: Specialefstivalen 2023. Here, academic graduates, students, companies and other curious people come together to explore exciting new projects and share their knowledge, skills and perspectives.

Think festival, think knowledge sharing, think networking and think social change. Imagine the endless amounts of new potential that arise when students, graduates and community stakeholders come together to develop new solutions for everything from health promotion to green transformation. Ideas that emerge when we challenge each other's perspectives and inspire new ways of thinking.  

At Specialefestivalen , we bring the latest research to light and create a platform where talented and resourceful individuals share their knowledge and insights for the benefit of each other and society. Whether you're a company, researcher, student or just curious, we invite you to join us on this exciting knowledge journey, where you'll get a front-row seat to exciting projects and new theories of change.

Here is an overview of some of the exciting activities you can look forward to at Specialefestivalen 2023:

Environment and sustainability

  • "Designing Circular Business Models in the Waste Industry - A Case Study of Closing the Loop in India."
  • "Developing a Sustainable Business Model for Plastic Waste Recycling in Sierra Leone."

Health and well-being

  • "Psychedelic Treatment of Anxiety, Depression and Trauma - An Anthropological Study of Patients' Experiences."
  • "Improving Health Inclusion through Innovation: How Artificial Intelligence can Restructure Important Interaction Processes."

Social Sciences and Culture

  • "Reforming the UN Security Council: A Comparative Study."
  • "Understanding Attitudes to B2B Advertising: A Case Study of Maritime B2B Customers' Use of Interpretive Repertoire to Construct Attitudes to Informative LinkedIn Advertising."

Technology and Innovation

  • "The Role of Digital Technologies in Enabling the Circular Economy in Electronic Waste Management - A Multilevel Analysis."
  • "Machine Learning-Driven Engineering of Signal Sequences for High-Volume Technologies."

Various Academic Themes

  • "Findes Meningen i enSolbærbusk? - A Psychological Study of Meaning and Identity in Three Danish Eco-Societies."
  • "Turkey's Accession and Withdrawal from the Istanbul Pact: Why the Controversy? Feminist Struggle in Contemporary Turkey."

Take a deeper dive: Program presentations
Gain insight into the many fascinating research areas that grace the program at Specialefestivalen 2023, when more than 60 students from the country's universities share knowledge and perspectives from their Theses. You can look forward to a lot of inspiration, challenging perspectives and academic understanding.

Mark your calendars for October 5-6 and meet us at the student-run innovation house Station, Howitzvej 30, Frederiksberg, Denmark

About Specialefestivalen

At Specialefestivalen we challenge the boundaries of science and create the foundation for new knowledge collaborations and innovation projects. We dive into the diversity of research fields and accelerate knowledge sharing for a better future.

Join us in celebrating academic curiosity and take part in building a better future where we create better, more sustainable and intelligent solutions for society's most complex and pressing challenges.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Specialized Festival here on the site.

We look forward to seeing you at Specialefestivalen 2023!

Specialefestivalen is organized in collaboration with Station ogUngdomsbureauet with support from KU, CBS, Frederiksberg Foundation and Frederiksberg Municipality.

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